Your 24 Hour Mobile Truck Repair & Towing Service

Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Westchester County aren’t the easiest of areas to get around when you’re driving a truck. Long congested highways, potholes, dangerous drivers and blind spots are enough to deal with already but what’s even worse than all that is the inevitable breakdown. It is going to happen sometimes but there’s no reason to feel stranded, call Manto Truck Repair & Towing on 631-450-2243 for all your truck repair needs or for a quick and convenient towing service.

Don’t Get Stuck on the Side of the Road…
Our Emergency Truck Road Service is Here 24/7

Heavy duty towing in Brooklyn NY

Diesel Truck Repairs

If you’re fuel injector is malfunctioning, tank nozzle needs replacing or transmission requires diagnostics, our 24/7 service covers these and all related problems.

Tractor Trailer Repairs

Having brake problems with your tractor? Need new components for your trailer while you’re stuck on the road? No problem, Manto workmen carry replacement parts and fuel. They can fix your brakes plus any other issues  any time of the day or night, they’re just a phone call away from getting you back on the move.

Semi-Truck Repair

Clutch won’t work? Problems with fluids, belts or brakes? Whatever trouble you’re experiencing with your Semi-Truck, call us for prompt and professional repairs and replacements on the spot.

Whichever model of truck you use, be it a box truck, trailer , 18-wheeler or any other, we have the requisite knowledge and experience to restore and rebuild it.

When you notice these warning signs, call Manto Truck Repair & Towing

A seasoned trucker will know the warning signs their vehicle is in trouble, but just in case, here’s a few to watch out for:

Strange Sounds – Any unusual noises such as hissing, grinding or clicking are an indicator that something’s up, possibly with your suspension  or your pipes may be leaking.

Excessive smoke – excessive smoke indicates among other things, a potentially faulty fuel injector. Other possibilities include worn cylinders or a dirty air filter.

Excessive Vibration – A clear warning your tires need changing, good maintenance helps to prevent your tires blowing during a job but potholes and bumpy roads are often unavoidable. Manto service men will promptly repair and replace your tires wherever you have a tire blowout in the Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, and Westchester County areas.

All kinds of emergency mobile truck repair at any time

Manto Truck Repair & Towing carries out all kinds of truck repair on call out, any time and on location. We understand what its like to come screeching to a halt in the wilderness far from any garages or road signs. If this happens to you, you only need to dial 631-450-2243, tell us which truck model you’re driving plus any relevant specifications. Our mechanics carry fuel, replacement parts and will easily locate the problem even if you’re not sure yourself.

Included in our across-the-board repairs is oil and filter changes, portable generator backup supply, compressed air and impact wrench tire maintenance, repairs and replacements to hydraulic hoses plus repairs to axle & wheel bearings. Our mobile truck mechanics can assure fast fuel delivery when you need it most.

Our Emergency Truck Repair Shop Saves You Time, Money And Inconvenience

When accidents occur on the road, your time and money are affected. Your mind will be on disgruntled employers and customers and your family waiting back home. Trucking is a tough and lonely job already without the hassle and wallet draining cost of separate mechanics, towing services and garage facilities. What Manto offers is an inclusive service that cuts down on costs with affordable rates and excludes the unnecessary middle men – Less cost, less time, less hassle. No matter what truck you’re driving, whether it’s your suspension, tires, pipes or any other related issues, we have parts, fuel and experienced workmen who come will to you day or night and fix the problem right where you are.

Heavy Duty Truck Towing That Comes To You

Breakdowns are fixable the majority of the time whereas serious accidents aren’t always immediately fixable. It could be that bodywork is necessary or another issue arise that requires complex and lengthy repairs. In such situations, you will need your truck to be towed away. Manto Truck Repair & Towing can tow your truck from anywhere in Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, and Westchester County.  A quick call to our 24/7 customer service team is all it takes. We’ll get  the right towing equipment out you whether it’s a flatbed, wheel lift or medium/heavy duty tow truck. You will always get the tow you need for your specific truck and straight to you. Manto is fully licensed and has multiple dispatch locations, we follow NY state law to the letter and we care about making sure your truck gets a proper tow according to the vehicles requirements while ensuring full protection from further damage.

Keep Our Number Saved In Case Of A Roadside Emergency

Whatever your truck repair emergency we can help:

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  • Mobile truck repair
  • Heavy-duty towing
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The good news is, if you fall victim to a roadside emergency, a cellphone is all you need to access fast, responsive and convenient help. Accidents can happen and they do happen, the important thing is being able to connect with a reliable and reputable service.  Save our number to your cellphone for those times when you need proper assistance. Our rates are reasonable, our technology is state of the art, most of all, our trained workmen are knowledgeable, qualified and 100% reliable.

There is no shortage of repair and tow services in Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Westchester County-but unlike Manto Truck Repair & Towing, they won’t necessarily guarantee low cost and damage free services and they may not be so stringent about state laws either. Manto prides itself on all these things. Our pride is in making long lasting repairs with the best tools, performing the best diagnostics and serving our customers around the clock. Our promise is to deliver a repairs and towing service that in nothing less than first class. We’re ready to serve you any day, any time 24 hours a day.